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The art of REPUJADO is a meticulous labor of love. Also known as metal embossing or metal relief, and always crafted by hand, REPUJADO is the working of metal to give volume and relief to the decorative design engraved on the metal.



The 5 Acre Arts Marketplace is OPEN for business!

You will discover an eclectic mix of art offerings at the 5 Acre Arts Marketplace. New pieces will be offered for purchase as they are completed and I hope you’ll find artwork that resonates with you. Inventory will be added to the marketplace as it becomes available.

Click on one of the photos below to access my Repujado, Kumihimo, and Bookbinding artworks. Coming soon: new and gently used books, art supplies, and tools.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, please check back often!


P.S. Thank you for asking, but I am not accepting commissions at this time. My art pieces are all one-of-a-kind, no duplicates. If you see something you like, please consider a purchase. I appreciate your patronage and thank you for visiting 5AcreArts.com.




Kumi himo is traditional Japanese braiding and the word means "gathered threads". The ancient art is centuries old and dates back well over 1300 years. Strong, slender cords are created by interlacing strands of silk, cotton, or other fibers. The name, Kumihimo, also applies to the braids, cords and ribbons that are the product of the braiding technique.


Handbound books and journals.

My artist-self seeks expression with hand tools, a camera, and oftentimes a computer and printer; creating hand-bound books and journals embellished with hand-embossed metal. My pages are sprinkled with calligraphy, haiku, and photographs.