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Some of my favorite folks...

Bonefolder.com - BEST bonefolders ever! One of my favorite tools. Great for paper and metal. Made out of teflon, leaves no shiny creases on your paper, and glue doesn’t stick to them.

Brian Willis - Glass artist. Beautiful chimes; lullabyes in glass. Hidden In The Hills 2023

Gail Haire - Contemporary landscape painte - Hidden In The Hills 2023

Gordon Mischke - Sculptor in metal, wood, and glass - Hidden In The Hills 2023

John C. Campbell Folk School - Brasstown, NC. "The Folk School transforms lives, bringing people together in a nurturing environment or experiences in learning and community life that spark self-discovery."     

MercArtTX - MercArt Texas - For all your embossing tools, metal, and supplies.

Moo.com - For those of you who want to know where I get my business cards.

Robin Ray (Robin’s Nest Studio) - Custom murals, whimsical painting, ceramics - Hidden In The Hills 2023

Sarah Foster Beautiful fine art jewelry - HITH 2023

Volcano Arts - All kinds of cool tools and bookbinding supplies.

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I am taking a one-year sabbatical and the newsletter is getting a facelift, so no monthly newsletter for the time being. Check out my page 2023 for daily photographs of my 2023 sabbatical adventures.