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The 5 Acre Arts Marketplace is OPEN for business!

You will discover an eclectic mix of art offerings at the 5 Acre Arts Marketplace. New pieces will be offered for purchase as they are completed and I hope you’ll find artwork that resonates with you. Inventory will be added to the marketplace as it becomes available.

Click on one of these links to access my artwork: Repujado, Kumihimo, and Handbound Journals.

Thank you for taking the time to visit, please check back often!



I need more space in my studio for creative endeavors, so I am culling my beloved books to make room... my loss is your gain!



Contact me lynda@5AcreArts.com if you're interested in purchasing. Prices listed, no sales tax, you may pay with cash or Zelle®.

Sorry, no credit cards or PayPal for the book sales.



In the United States:

Books must be picked up (Cave Creek, AZ) or customer may pay for shipping.

Outside the United States:

Customer pays for shipping. Before purchasing, please contact me via email for current shipping rates, lynda@5AcreArts.com.



NO RETURNS - All Sales Final.

Books -

Like new & gently used

This is just one section of my Marketplace. For my handmade artworks, click on the links that follow to visit: Handbound Journals, Kumihimo, and Repujado. I appreciate your interest!

$5 each ⬇︎  $5 each ⬇︎  $5 each ⬇︎︎

$10 each ⬇  $10 each ⬇  $10 each ⬇︎  $10 each ⬇︎

$2 each ⬇  $2 each ⬇  $2 each ⬇︎  $2 each ⬇︎