Hidden In The Hills 2020

◀︎ Robin Ray (our studio Host)


Custom murals, whimsical paintings, ceramics.

"I was inspired by the first dog I remember we had it was a little Scotty. I don’t think we had them for very long but I do remember my bubble gum getting in his hair."


It's a go!

"This is my ninth year as a guest artist at the the Hidden In The Hills Artist Studio Tour, an annual event held in the Sonoran foothills. In November you'll find me back at Robin's Nest (Hooray!) with five other fabulous artists. Please mark your calendars for the weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun) before and after Thanksgiving! and I hope you plan to visit us and all the other amazing artists on the tour. We're gearing up for a great event!" ~Lynda Abare

DATES: Fri-Sat-Sun, November 20-22 and November 27-29

LOCATION: Robin's Nest, 5920 Surrey Drive, Cave Creek AZ 85331 (Map)

Sarah Foster ▶︎


"Custom handmade jewelry should be both personal and unique, something beautifully indicative of character and originality. Stone Creek Designs values the importance of creative self-expression, and crafts jewelry according to everyone’s unique taste."

The Artists

◀︎ Gordon Mischke


Sculptor in metal, wood, and glass.

"My art is a record of my relentless search for the Divine Mother. I continually attempt to coax the Divine from Her hiding places - from the stone, the steel, the glass, the wood with which I sculpt - using the heart, the mind, the will, the hands which are in the tools She has given me."

Lynda Abare ▶︎


Repujado Artist/Teacher : Weaver : Maker of Journals

"It is my joy to hand-tool metal; sheets of pewter, copper, brass, and aluminum. I also love to weave and bead Kumihimo jewelry. What could be better than creating artwork that can be handled, perused, enjoyed... Beautiful AND functional."

◀︎ Lauri Koo


Fine art and photography.

"I enjoy getting lost in nature's spirit and have a passion for sharing that beauty and how it captures my mood and expression. My art is my peace offering, the way I contribute a oneness and appreciation to Mother Earth that is uplifting and enjoyable. I look forward to connecting and taking you on my journey."

Kenneth Naiff ▶︎



"For me, the appeal of astrophotography is multi-faceted. I enjoy camping out under moonless and cloudless skies in remote locations while viewing and photographing deep space. The technical challenges and complexity of capturing very faint objects appeals to my engineering interests and background.

My images of our universe are my expression of the beauty and wonder of deep space."