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Jan 1, 2022

The best laid plans...

I was looking forward to a month of celebration. A December to remember -- NOT! I am so happy to put 2021 behind me and move on.

Some of you know I had a COVID Christmas (before, during, and after). 30+ days with a low-grade fever and most of the associated COVID symptoms. I am grateful for my steadfast husband, attentive doctor, and friends who did "wellness checks". Together we took on the virus day by day. The weirdest symptom, and one that still remains, is my loss of smell. With the gentle rain we've been having I look forward to smelling the sweet fragrance of creosote and I literally smell nothing. So strange!

All right, enough of that! 2022 is whispering my name and promising new horizons. I am ready to move forward and do so with a grateful heart. A special thank you to those who remembered my December birthday! Even though I spent the day in solitude, your messages and warm wishes were received and appreciated more than you know. As one friend so succinctly put it, my birthday falls in that week between Christmas and New Years when "nothing is happening". Well, my birthday still "happens" and if you know someone with a late December birthday, wish them Happy Birthday on "their day"! They will love you for remembering.

January 2022 - Welcome! What will YOU be doing this month?

Whatever it is, don't put it off. Do yourself a favor and add a little creativity to your life each day.

Happy, Happy New Year!!!