Surprise visit

May 7, 2021

Surprise! Look who came to visit.

I was out on the back porch journaling, enjoying the quiet and a gentle breeze… when, up over the top of my journal page, what should appear!?! A 3-inch wide spider (a Giant Crab Spider me thinks). Where did he come from? How did he get all the way up me and then my journal? I didn’t feel a thing. He did live to see another day although I did toss the journal (nicely) to the ground. He probably thought he was on a "magic carpet ride”. Then quick as a wink he was across the patio and up the wall… where he remained until I was done journaling.

Epilogue: I have no idea where he is now. Ewwwww.

Here's a short video about the Giant Crab Spider brought to you by The Sonoran Explorers,