Gearing up

May 28, 2021

This is my fourth chainmaille bracelet in four days! Each one totally different and fun - I am learning so much! "Gearing Up" is what I’ve named this one because I am gearing up and making changes… 

▶︎Many of you know I won’t be teaching Repujado past the end of 2021. I’ve sold most of my repujado books, just a few left. I still have a nice selection of tools (if any one is interested, email me 

▶︎Yesterday a friend helped me disperse most of my polymer clay supplies … still some deals to be had! UPDATE! All clay supplies have found a home. Thank you!

▶︎And I’ve been culling my precious book collection. Straight from my book shelves to YOU. Here’s a link to the books I currently have For Sale.

▶︎In the process of shedding my skin to pave the way for new creative adventures, I’ve had my hair cut short… VERY short. Feels great! Especially for the long hot summer ahead. No more braids for awhile 😊

I currently have no classes scheduled, at least through summer… and that gives me time to reflect and regroup. I will resume teaching in the fall, with a whole new line up of classes; refreshed and looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces (without masks!).

I’ve been thinking about “Art in the Car Port” because it’s nice and cool out there in the mornings… any early birds out there?