Sweet Sadie

Feb 29, 2020

16 years ago we lived in New River, Arizona, way off the beaten path, on five luscious acres of Sonoran Desert. Nestled in the foothills, bordered by State Land and National Forest we lived a quiet life with our 3 dogs and 2 cats. The dogs were free to roam (our property was fenced) and loved being outdoors. At 14 and 15 years of age our two senior dogs succumbed to old age in quick succession, leaving behind a youthful 100lb. black lab named Sam. Sam had never been without his canine companions and was notably very sad.

We turned to the internet and local shelter websites looking for a new friend for Sam. I had recently watched a movie called “Last of the Dogmen” and was infatuated with the dog in that movie, an Australian cattle dog named Zip, so I narrowed my search to Australian cattle dogs. So many dogs needing a home, oh my. One site had a page with photo after photo of cattle dogs and there in the middle of the page was a “Border Collie Baby”. Now wouldn’t you just have to click on that title? Yep, well she was the one!

We drove 3 hours, late on a Friday afternoon in rush hour traffic, to get to the kill shelter in Pinal County before it closed. We made it in time and the rest is history. Sadie was ours. She’s been a most amazing dog and has had a fabulous life with us and our continuing menagerie. 

Today is a sad day for the Abare household. Our beloved Sadie girl has developed a chronic, acute cough that is causing her distress; similar to COPD in humans. Well into her 16th year, she has lived a robust life as a desert dog with plenty of room to run and explore, humans who love her and care for her, and many furry companions.

As a border collie she has “herded” most everyone who visited right out the door by nipping at their heels, but she always took care of the other animals like they were her own babies. We relish her enthusiasm for life and admire her continued perkiness even though her health has severely declined and her heart and body are failing. Today however, we made the decision as good stewards to send her on her way, and allow her to finally rest. Missing you already my sweet girl.

Thank you Dr. Tracy and Richard for your kindness this morning. We appreciate you very much. RIP Sadie, March 3, 2020.

New River Homestead