Thank You

Nov 30, 2020

Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years, read my newsletters, come to classes, sent me notes, shared a cup of coffee, and most recently, those who ventured out to Hidden In The Hills Artist Studio Tour (HITH) and supported the local artist community. My heartfelt thanks! We appreciate YOU more than you know.

The HITH artists showed up for six days. They put on their smiling faces (behind masks), and shared their art... but we didn't know if the public would show up too. Happily we enjoyed perfect weather all six days and an enthusiastic turnout; a steady flow of art lovers, old friends, new friends, young art students, other artists... I met two of my nearby neighbors, which was a special treat for me. It was wonderful to see familiar faces (although only from the mask up) and some of you have changed your hair a bit :-) I loved seeing you, enjoyed talking with you, so wonderful. Thank you.

Plenty of art purchases all around at our studio. Everyone left happy- visitors and artists both.

It was an amazing six days and I'm so glad we were able to participate and carry on the HITH tradition. Next year, 2021, will be our 25th year! I plan to give myself a few weeks off and then head back into the studio.