Stay inside and play

Aug 31, 2019

Heat and no relief in sight. Where are our refreshing monsoon rains?

In an effort to stay inside and stay cool, this month I have gotten out of my comfort zone and explored a few other arts and crafts; admittedly some were refreshers from long ago but I approached each opportunity as a new student.

  • I took a Gelli Plate printing class with Artist Sherry Kimmel at Arizona Art Supply, which was absolutely excellent! If you have the chance to take a class with Sherry, I highly recommend it.
  • Then the "Let's Get Stitchy" class at the Desert Foothills Library in Cave Creek called my name and I went to reacquaint myself with knitting. SO MUCH FUN! In my youth, when I worked a corporate job and I used to knit for relaxation, I was a "tight" knitter. Yikes, like really tight (maybe "uptight" is more descriptive.) Now that I'm retired and living a more relaxed lifestyle in Cave Creek, my tension is spot on. Hooray! Robin and Caitlin are both excellent instructors and I was knitting right along by the end of the first class. Again, highly recommended!
  • The Desert Foothills Library also offers a Monday gathering called "Craft and Chat" from 1-3pm, perfect for folks who are working on a handcraft and just want to get together with other folks working on a hand craft. We had knitters, a needlepointer, and a gal working on a wreath. Conversation was lively and the two hours passed quickly. What could you bring to work on? Come join the fun! PLUS the library is awesome.

Stay inside and play!