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The sample shown above is the image we will be using in class. If you are a continuing student, you may bring a different image and I will be there to help you with suggestions and various textures and techniques.

Metal embossing tools will be available for use if you don’t have your own :-)

Students please bring to class:

  any metal embossing tools you already have,
     e.g. 9”x12” plexiglas, small suede, stylus, etc.

  ballpoint pen with colored ink

     (red, green, blue, not black)

  craft scissors (NOT your best sewing shears)

  detail scissors (small, sharp, and pointy)

  craft knife (a snap-blade is a good choice)

  cutting mat or glass cutting board

  something to write with, and note paper

  low tack tape (blue “painter’s tape”)

  sharpie fine point permanent marker
     *read the label

  ruler w/metal cutting edge (clear preferred)

  thick washcloth (this will get dirty)

  soft cloth for polishing (tee shirt is good)

  baby wipes

  a few paper towels

DO NOT rush out and buy these items, just bring what you have on hand.

That’s it, Lynda will supply the rest!




  1. No children, No pets, Fragrance-free please.

  2. LOCATION: Holland Community Center   *It’s a beautiful, relaxing drive!

  3. 34250 N. 60th Street, Bldg B, Scottsdale

  4. Cross streets- 60th Street and Carefree Hwy

  5. (480) 488-1090

  6. Class size is limited to 15 students and your Pre-Paid Registration is required.

  7. You may complete your registration and pay for your class with your Credit Card by clicking on the “Buy Now” button above.

  8. NOTE:  You are not registered until your payment has been received.

  9. Questions? Comments?

  10. Please email me, lynda@5AcreArts.com